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RMA Services

RMA is a specialist in medical services with excess in many nations. We know precisely what is accessible, where and what is the most ideal approach to get to the highest level of medicinal care conceivable in a specific area.

Cost Containment Process

The cost containment specialists work side-by-side with our medical and logistics teams to monitor, contain and control healthcare and transportation costs, without negatively impacting quality of care or patient outcomes. Companies are given prompt notification of medical expenses and kept completely informed as the situation in advances.

We operates around the around the India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Maldives. We have established a trusted affiliate network of healthcare providers in the most popular holiday destinations, and in the most remote locations in these regions.

  • Exclusively negotiated fixed rates for specific medical procedures
  • Direct billing arrangements with payments made in any currency
  • Guaranteed discounts in network hospitals located in popular tourist / expats destinations
  • Access to our global network of hospitals, clinics, and visiting doctors

Medical Evacuations/Repatriations

RMA provide Medical Evacuation/Repatriation services in case the insured member needs to be evacuated to the nearest qualified medical center, not necessarily to his home country.

  • Round-the-clock in-house medical team for complicated cases management
  • Medical, non-medical, nurse escorts for commercial and air ambulance flights
  • Evacuations on commercial flights, stretchers, air-ambulance evacuations
  • Best arrangements with travel agents and airlines companies
  • Network of local ground transportation providers

Claims Assistance:

RMA provides 24/7 services for claims assistance services. According to instructions of policy limits expenses related medical treatments can be guaranteed on our client’s.

Our Claim professionals are caring, compassionate and ready to respond with knowledge and experience in order to resolve Individual claims efficiently.

  • Handling settlement agreements and stipulation letters
  • Health Claims Processing
  • Accident and injury verifications
  • Easy system of Claims Payment/Management
  • Trained team to work with our customers on all claims, no matter the size.
  • Best arrangements with travel agents and airlines companies
  • Dedicated Claim and Risk Control professionals to specific industries to help our customers.

Repatriation Of Mortal Remains

Cremation or embalmment arranged according to wish. All required documents are obtained. Specially trained case managers are able to manage all aspects of death, from bereavement counseling for the family, to assistance with funeral arrangements. Funeral support includes:

  • Arranging and facilitating overnight accommodation for the next-of-kin when having to identify the body outside the normal area of residence
  • Transport of mortal remains
  • Advise and refer the bereaved family to a reputable undertaker
  • Advice & suppport on funeral documentation e.g. death certificate, interpret funeral policy etc
  • Preparing the deceased in accordance with local and transportation requirements
  • Return of luggage and personal effects
  • If necessary, arranging a local memorial service, burial or cremation
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